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We are so very pleased to welcome Brian Rupert as the new Board Chair for PCWS. Brian has been a very involved parent for over eight years and now steps into a role that illustrates his passion for Waldorf education, his commitment to the future of the school, and his interest in the growth and development of PCWS. Here is his personal message:

Hello PCWS Community!


My name is Brian Rupert and I would like to introduce myself as the new board chair for Potomac Crescent Waldorf School. Before my introduction, I would like to take a moment to thank our previous board chair, Brett Mayer and recognize him for his absolute dedication, hard work and time commitment to our school. Among his many contributions, Brett’s leadership as board chair has given our school a clear path forward as we continue to work closely with our landlord, Fairlington Presbyterian Church, during their new site development planning process. Without a doubt, Brett has set the ‘paddle’ high for myself and future board chairs as we continue to work diligently to provide our children with the best possible Waldorf education and experience. Brett and his family are preparing to launch into a new and incredibly exciting chapter of their lives and we wish them the best as they begin their travels across the country.


My wife Cindy and I have three children attending PCWS - Griggs (age 10, 4th grade), Braylin (age 7, 2nd grade) and Ana Sloan (age 2.5, parent-child class). I have been involved with PCWS for over eight years but our family’s history with Potomac Crescent started well before Cindy and me were even married! Over 17 years ago, family friends spoke to us enthusiastically about a newly formed parent-child Waldorf program for their first born that was being held in the basement of a teacher/parent’s home. A few years later the program moved to Mount Vernon Baptist Church and we watched with amazement the impact that a Waldorf education had on their children and family. These children were awake with the wonder of nature, active in imagination and embraced their own individually unique perspectives. We watched their family choose a rhythm that inspired us. We knew without much discussion that Potomac Crescent would be the first phase of educational growth our children would experience. As we have watched our children go through parent-child, early childhood and the grades programs, we can without question bear witness to the benefits they have received from PCWS and are grateful for the dedicated faculty and staff that have played such an important part in their upbringing. We believe now more than ever while our children are learning to navigate this complex society in which we live, they need the Waldorf philosophies guiding them.


I look forward to working with our board members, faculty, administration, and parents to continue the amazing work that Brett and the rest of the board have done. While we do face some challenges ahead, my wish as board chair is that I can aide the continuous growth and progress of this school that we all care so deeply about and I will leave it better than it was when I started. Please take a moment to say hello when you see me at pick up or around the school and feel free to e-mail me at if you have ideas, thoughts or concerns about the school. It’s imperative to our success that PCWS has active participation from all parts of the school - especially the parent community! Attend your PA meetings! Volunteer for Spring and Fall festivals! Talk to other families about the benefits of a Waldorf education! Sign up for our Facebook page! Drop by the office and ask what you can do to help!


Potomac Crescent Waldorf School has always been just more than a school for my family - it’s a community of families, faculty and administrators who take inspiration from the Waldorf Pedagogy and are looking for something special when it comes to the education of our children. I’m proud to be a Waldorf parent and I am grateful for the opportunity as board chair to lead the school as it continues to thrive and provide inspiration, knowledge and wonder to all of our children.


Respectfully Yours,

Brian J. Rupert 

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