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The Potomac Crescent Waldorf School Board says farewell to Brett Mayer as he embarks on a new adventure with his family. We are so incredibly grateful for the work Brett did on behalf of the school and for his guidance and vision over the past year. We wish his family well as they begin a new and exciting chapter. Here is Brett's message to the PCWS community:

Dear PCWS Community,


We are quickly drifting into spring, and it is an exciting time of year. March weather in the mid-Atlantic always harbors its share of surprises, and our family was reminded of this last week as we marveled at the record winds that blew through our area. We sat huddled around our kitchen table amidst the candles, enjoying our supper, as the trees swayed and the winds roared. March certainly came in like a lion.


As always, the arrival of spring brings a time of renewal and growth. We enjoy the tradition of walking the riverside trails of the Potomac, taking a close look at the emerging Bluebells, Spring Beauties, Mayapples, and Dutchman’s Breeches. We start to dream of warm breezes, and swiftly flowing waters, knowing the long days of summer lay ahead. It is a time of change, and for our family, this year it marks the beginning of our next adventure.


Our family has been a member of the Potomac Crescent Community for the past three years, and it has been my pleasure to serve the board in a variety of capacities, most recently as Board Chair. The warmth, vitality, and imagination of the PCWS community has been a home for our family, and we are deeply appreciative of the gracious love and kindness afforded to our children through keystone formative years. The rhythms of Waldorf Education flow through each of us, but as rivers pass through many landscapes, it is time for our family to bid farewell to this wondrous place.


I am excited to transition into the world of environmental policy full time as the acting Public Policy Chief for the American Canoe Association, the nation’s oldest and largest paddlesports organization and the national governing body for U.S. Olympic Canoe and Kayak. Our family will spend a good part of next year traveling around the United States engaging communities in their local watersheds through stewardship, outreach, education, and paddlesport competition.


Most importantly, I am excited to announce the new PCWS Board Chair, Brian Rupert. Brian cares deeply about the PCWS Community, and I am confident he will lead the school in the right direction. Brian will follow with his own message to the community next week. PCWS is in a strong position moving forward. Our finances are sound, enrollment continues to grow, and the school is being recognized for its good work. There are always challenges that lie ahead, and it will always be the strength and character of the community, and the firm belief in the importance of the principles of Waldorf Education that will carry us through.


The future is bright.


Finally, I would like to say one last thank you to the teachers, the administrative staff, and the extended community who shape this place, and have made it such a beautiful experience for our family. We extend our love and gratitude.


See you on the river.



Brett Mayer

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