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Potomac Crescent Waldorf School operates under a governance model that differs from most traditional schools.  Instead of having a head of the school, or principal, the teacher of each class acts as the primary point of contact for parents. The class teacher is the primary point of contact for classroom matters, questions related to the school, and inquires about Waldorf education.


As is customary in Waldorf schools, our school is run by a collaborative, three-fold structure comprised of the Board of Directors, which is responsible for legal and financial matters; the Faculty, which is responsible for pedagogical matters; and the Administration, which is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school. Each body works together in partnership. And, each body has its own mandate and committees and working groups which serve in the running of the school. Our Board of Directors is made up of parents in our school community and a faculty representative.


In addition to the main bodies of governance, there exists the Core Group which is made up of leadership members from each governing body. The Board Chair, the Director of Administration, and the Faculty Chair serve in this capacity. The Core Group is responsible for making key decisions affecting the direction and organization of the school.


We view our school as a responsive community serving the needs of children and their families. Families are always encouraged to bring questions or concerns directly to their class teacher. If there is a persistent concern, parents may meet with the class teacher and Faculty Chair. If there is no resolution, the concern may be brought to the Core Group for mediation and discussion. At that time, the Core Group will meet with all necessary parties to resolve the concern in a way that is acceptable to all involved.

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