For children 4 through 6 years old, this is a combination of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. Class is held Mondays through Fridays, 8:30am - 12:00pm. Before- and after-school programs are available to extend the day to as early as 7:30am to as late as 3:00pm.

We believe that "the work of the child is play". Following a gentle daily rhythm guided by two teachers, children stretch their imaginations and develop new capabilities through self-directed play, meaningful work, artistic activities, joyful songs and imaginative stories. Three mornings per week are reserved for Forest Kindergarten, with extended time spent exploring nearby woods. In an environment free of academic pressure, PCWS children develop socially and emotionally while building a strong foundation for academics in a developmentally appropriate way.


Time for imaginative play and in-depth project work offers our students infinite ways to explore and develop their original ideas. By working together, they develop emotional stamina, communication skills and leadership abilities every day.


Happy childhood memories involve playing, time outdoors and time with friends. The Waldorf curriculum offers children time for these things every day. PCWS children spend three mornings a week at a nearby park, and enjoy two full forest days per week. 


A typical day combines creative, practical and physical activities because reliable daily rhythms strengthen and nourish children. The Waldorf curriculum celebrates the seasons and changes in the natural world in ways that appeal to a child's sense of wonder.


Daily Activities

Monday: Forest Kindergarten and Cutting vegetables for soup 
Tuesday: Crafts, Story
Wednesday: Wash/Cleaning Day, Story
Thursday: Baking Day, Coloring Day
Friday: Forest Kindergarten and Painting Day

Weekly Schedule

8:30 – Arrival, Welcome Circle
8:45 – Outdoor Time/Woodworking & Crafts
9:45 – Inside Bathroom Time & Hand Washing
9:50 – Rest
10:00 – Movement Circle
10:15 – Snack
10:35 – Indoor Play
11:10 – Tidy Up
11:20 – Story/Puppetry/Traditional Games/Drawing on Thursday/Painting on Friday
11:30 – Goodbye Song
11:45 – Outside
12:00 – Pick-up (afternoon program children stay)