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Celebrations and festivals are a large part of our school culture and are an integral part of Waldorf education. Throughout the year, we typically have several seasonal celebrations such as the Fall Festival,  Spiral of Light Walk,  winter lantern walks, spring May Pole celebrations and dances, and cultural festivals as a part of our curriculum.

Parent Association Events

Our active Parent Association organizes social gatherings such as handwork groups, camping trips, bonfires, group hikes/outings, clothing swaps, and winter sing-alongs. These gatherings help to foster a strong sense of community connection. Learn more about the Parent Association here.

Parent Education Nights and Workshops

We also offer Parent Education Nights throughout the year. Past speakers include Jack and Carol Petrash (How Waldorf Education Nurtures Child Development), Nancy Blanning (Outdoor Education), and Stephen Spitalnik (Early Childhood Education). 

Community Events

Many of our events are open to the larger community. All are welcome at our Fall Festival, Winter Sing-Along, Parent Education Nights, Tours/Open Houses, and special events such as marionette and puppet shows. 

For details on upcoming events that are open to the community, please visit our Community Events Page.

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